Now let the fun begin!!!

Now that you have the steps that it takes to start your biz in your state, you can go off and be GREAT!!!

Wait??? What?? You still have questions? Or you want additional assitance with registering your biz?

As a biz owner, I can understand that even though you may have the steps, sometimes you want someone else to walk you thru the process personally.

No worries, I am here to help!

For only $149, I will walk you thru the process to legally register your biz in your desired state.

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Are You Ready?

You'll receive:

Free 15 minute Virtual Consulation to entire your ready to register your biz

Personal Walk Thru to register your biz in your desired state by CEO, L. Green

Personal Wal Thru to obtain your Employer Identification Number (EIN)

I'm Yours Until the END!

I'm here to stay!! Lol this means that I will work with you thru the entire regisrtation process until you get registered and approved by your desired state. Yes sometime mistakes happenor your state may need a little more infomration, but dont worry, I will work with you until you are approved or you get your $$ bsck!!!

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